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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The Sicilian Favour! – Peter Oredsson Author’s Review Dear Peter, What a fabulous story. I really liked the characterisation and the way you brought all the threads together and I thought the ending was very clever and quite unexpected. All of my edits are within the text including any comments in the margin. One observation I would like to make and that is often after speech, you do not have a subject and verb to commence the next line when describing the speaker’s feelings or reaction. I have put many of these in but have tended to use the verb ‘said’ or ‘replied’, you could alter these as you see fit. Otherwise the editing was pretty minimal and was just confined to some phraseology and spelling. I wish you the best of luck with this publication; it was a very enjoyable read. Kind regards Anne Howard Back Cover Blurb Indulge yourself in a world of intrigue, drugs, murder and the criminal underworld in Peter Oredsson’s The Sicilian Favour! The human condition is brought very much into sharp focus with the author’s defining characterisation which demonstrates the twin governing principles that often dominate in life, fear and greed. A clever plotline weaves all the threads together resulting in an unexpected and impossible to predict conclusion, linking together seemingly unconnected people with dramatic and devastating results. The Sicilian Favour! has an international setting and is a compelling tale which will keep the reader’s attention to the end via a mix of horrible fascination and personal empathy with the plight of some of the main characters. For those readers that believe in luck both good and bad and fate, there is a liberal sprinkling of all of these too as the plot twists and turns through to its dramatic ending. The Sicilian Favour! Is a real page turner from an established author who knows just what it takes to keep the reader’s attention. Press Release Peter Oredsson’s The Sicilian Favour! Is an exotic tale of love and loss, greed and fear, power and desire set against the exotic backdrop of the criminal underworld in Melbourne, Australia. There is plenty of drama and it is impossible not to be drawn in by the characters all of whom have traits and problems that every reader can identify with. It could be you losing your job and haplessly falling in with the wrong crowd after a chance encounter in a bar, beginning a spiral into a seedy and criminal underworld . All aspects of the human condition are highlighted in The Sicilian Favour! as a clever plot entwines a gamut of characters some of whom seem to bear no connection to the others. The storyline is intricate, the drama is pacey and the reader will find it impossible to predict the outcome and will be kept in suspense until the very last page is turned. Peter Ordesson is an accomplished author who knows his craft.

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