Blood-Line Incursion, the thrilling ups and downs of a Scandinavian immigrant in Australia.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blood-Line Incursion Thought Provoking!

Sometimes people go out of their way to find me on facebook to surprise me with positive feedback like this: This makes it all worth while :-)
"I have now read Blood-Line Incursion with great interest! It’s a bewildered read, written with speed and a fresh breath of air! I’m looking forward to your next book. I trust the book will be successful! It was a well worth read and thought provoking…"
Anita, Sweden

Thursday, July 14, 2011

24 Countries! 86 Book Sellers! Embrace Blood-Line Incursion! July 2011

This time it's CANADA joining the long Journey to Fame!
The company is
They have a Worldwide Compare Prices List on their website and according to them you get the Best Value for Blood-Line Incursion at Abebooks Marketplace US.