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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Sicilian Favour Blurb!

Would you buy this book if you read this blurb on the back cover? A high-paced, intriguing story of human obligation, conspiracy and manipulation. While based in Australia’s cultural capital of Melbourne, the story’s links to the Australian and international underworld, find the reader racing to keep pace with the intertwined lives of the story’s main protagonists. Interest is constantly held by the twists and turns in this hard-hitting tale. The innocent persona of some of the book’s principal characters, masks an underbelly of corruption. The book’s unlikely anti-hero, Mikael steps into a world of deception when he accepts The Sicilian Favour. Finding himself in unfamiliar territory on the wrong side of the law, his life becomes inter-related with individuals he would rather have avoided. Yet his own story and that of his wife produce some unexpected revelations. Mikael’s path crosses the ubiquitous Chloe, through the medium of a hypno-therapist - of murky Russian origin. Chloe’s twisted background and colourful present day life mark her as the centre of intrigue in the book. It is Chloe’s story that will keep you turning the pages of this book, what fate unfolds for her? Will she survive the world she has immersed herself in? Reminiscent of the tale of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, readers will be riveted to this yarn from the start. Warning! You will find it difficult to put this book down.

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