Blood-Line Incursion, the thrilling ups and downs of a Scandinavian immigrant in Australia.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Great Feedback Blood-Line Incursion

I just finished reading this awesome book. I loved every word in it and it was heart warming, cold, honest and true. There were many parts in the book when I felt like crying and laughing but most of the time I felt like doing star jumps of happiness or banging my head against the wall of sadness. That's just because it was so close to what I believe is the truth in living away from from your native home. This book is a MUST to read if you have ever emigrated from your homeland and immigrated to a new country. If you have ever been blessed to have more than one home that you can call home on this earth, this is the book for you. Also a very good read for everyone that has not yet explored that path in life... Susanne Knowling Sydney

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